1. Michael is a publication series of The Norwegian Medical Society (Det norske medicinske Selskab).

  2. Michael is named after Michael Skjelderup (1769-1852), the first medical professor in Norway and one of the founding fathers of the Society.

  3. Michael is distributed to the members of the Society, other subscribers and libraries. Separate issues may also be distributed to external groups of readers.

  4. Michael publishes high quality papers on medical history, medical humanities, public health and health politics. The manuscripts will be peer reviewed prior to the editorial decision on acceptance.

  5. Michael publishes articles in the Scandinavian languages or in English, depending on topic and main readership. Michael is available open access at

  6. Michael publishes four regular issues a year. Supplements may be published at irregular intervals.

  7. Michael’s editors are appointed for a period of three years among the members of The Norwegian Medical Society by its Board. Reappointments are allowed. The editors may supplement themselves by editorial members from collaborating associations and appoint ad hoc editors for special issues.


Editorial board:

Professor Øivind Larsen

Professor Magne Nylenna

Professor Erlend Hem

Dr. Astrid Nylenna (secretary)

Postal address:

Tidsskriftet Michael

P.O. Box 1152 Sentrum

NO-0107 Oslo


Professor Stein A. Evensen

Professor Jan Frich

Professor Christoph Gradmann

Professor Arvid Heiberg

Director Frøydis Langmark

Dr. Kristine Lillestøl

Annual subscription rate

NOK 500 (2021)

ISSN 1893-9651